How to Invest During A Recession

Remember not to keep your eggs in the same basket. Have different investment options in your investment portfolio but be wise and vigilant and move your investments around whenever you are expecting economic changes especially drastic changes like a recession. Given an option to sink or to swim, chose to swim.

The Right Thing At The Wrong Time

I realised that I’ve based my perceptions of marriage on the things I saw around me. It seemed as though getting married sometime in my early 20’s was the thing to do with in the LDS church.

Looking back, I can see that my marriage plan was much more of a social strategy of fitting in than an inspired one. I mistakingly figured that if church members surrounding me could find love and companionship so easily, I also could “settle down” by the time I turned 26.

Thinking Your Way to Happiness

If we can cultivate our thoughts so that they are positive and hopeful- they will lead us to feeling good about ourselves and our lives. We will see the silver lining in every cloud; we will be hopeful and believing- which will give us the courage to dream and to work on archiving those dreams; we will be less anxious and more optimistic; and ultimately- we will not just be happy, but we will live happy lives.

Malawi The True Warm Heart Of Africa 

Malawi is known as the “Warm heart of Africa” which i totally agree with. Malawi is a relatively small country and less touristy like its neighbouring countries Zambia and Tanzania. Located on Lake Malawi itself (and also known as Lake Nyassa), this part of Africa is very beautiful , popular with volunteer projects and ideal if your seeking out a local African experiences.

5 Tips For Recently Single Moms

I came up with a list of 5 things that have help me after my divorce, which I believe can be of assistance to any person especially women after a divorce or separation from your spouse. This list helped me get through what I felt was the darkest time of my life, and I'm hoping it helps someone out there who finds themselves not knowing what to do after they’ve decided to call off their marriage.