Working for the big corporate was the ultimate, I had to get in! Then I did, and am still in it, and guess what? We're all just normal human beings just like you. Fortunately, this has given me the opportunity to burst my own misconceptions about working for a major corporate company. And hopefully, through this article, I could also help do the same for you too. So, here goes:

1. Only the smartest people work for the big corporate.
Because of the rigorous interview processes some corporates have, I really thought only geniuses landed jobs in big corporate companies. I've now come to realise that people get into big corporates for variety of reasons, such as; they have the relevant work experience, required education, they know the right people, and some may even appear to be attractive in the eye of the interviewer. While some may even be dating the interviewer etc. etc. etc. Don't be fooled!

2. Big corporate = big paycheque.
If only. I'm by no means complaining about my pay cheque, I'm content with it. But once upon a time I used to think that people who worked in corporate were extremely, and even unreasonably, well taken care of. My relatives still think I am. What I wish they understood is that I work for a corporate, so I am an employee, and not a board member. 

3. Big corporate is the only way up in my career.
I really thought the only way to succeed, career-wise, was to climb the corporate ladder. Fortunately, there are other options, like starting your own business. There are many business owners who are thought-leaders in their fields. There are other options to succeed in your career; it also largely depends on how you define career success.  

4. You must always dress "the part".
Some big corporates are strict with dress codes, some aren't. There are very successful career people who don't even wear suits, or even own a full suit, they wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers to work. I once broke up with a very wonderful man because he didn't wear a suit to work, in other words, he wasn't the image of what a success was to me back in those days. That is the only break up I honestly regret haha!

5. You will always be productive.
I thought I would constantly be busy and constantly engaged in my work, from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm, every day. That is simply not the case. Either my workload isn't always that happening because, unlike small businesses, you don't do it all by yourself. And sometimes my mind decides to take a mini vacation without letting me know. Not all days are super productive, but they are good days nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I love my job and I enjoy working in corporate, I just had a few misaligned expectations when I was younger!