Most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle but committing to a healthy routine can be a challenge. So we need to convince ourselves that we can do it. Once the mind has decided that this is what you are going to do, then it’s all systems go and nothing can convince you otherwise. So how do we go about this process?

1. Decide to decide and commit.
Decide on whatever you are going to do, whether it be exercise or a healthier diet. Take your time in finding what will work for you. Make your research and pick something that you will enjoy. Make up your mind and decide to commit with the end result in mind.

2. Make a plan
Planning is crucial when striving to achieve a goal. If you’re going to start an exercise routine, plan a schedule of how you are going to go about it. How many days a week and what time of the day you will start and end. There are plenty of awesome Apps that can help you plan your way to success, which makes it so much easier and lessens to anxiety out of planning. Find great eating and workout plans on your App Store.

3. Get inspired
Many of us usually need motivation to help us kick start our journey and accomplish our goals. I love reading inspirational quotes specific to my goals to keep me motivated daily. As I said, everything starts in the mind. So fill your mind with positive and inspirational thoughts. Always have the end in mind when you get demotivated or discouraged. 

4. Just do it.
Now that you have decided and have committed to your goal and plan, it’s time to put in all that into action. I love the thrill of starting something and the anticipation of success. It is always so exciting, so JUST DO IT. Get a friend to join you to make the process more fun and motivational. Joining a club also encourages one to stick to the schedule and meet new people in the same journey. 

Keeping track of your progress can really be a huge boost to one’s confidence and you can see the results too. So, remember to approach this with a positive outlook and stick with it. Once the mind gives up everything else fails. One of my mantra is “your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind that you have to convince.” Get your mind healthy from the very beginning and it will show on the outside.