Over the weekend  I had a rather interesting conversation  with a couple of my friends, about sharing ones dating life on social media. You have to agree, some people take it waaaaay too far by sharing every little detail of what bae did, ate and wore. On the other hand there are others  that dont give away much, to an extent that you wouldn’t even know  they were  or are dating based on their social media footprint.

Social Media is a very tricky digital landscape to navigate in order to make both you and your partner feel comfortable about things you are sharing online. So what are the limitations when it comes to sharing ones relationship on social media?
After our over the weekend conversation with my friends, I decided to find out more about the healthy way of sharing your relationship on social media. Dating coach and relationship expert, Samantha Burns, gave some interesting advice on how to brag about your boo without making anyone uncomfortable.

“When you’re in love, you can’t help but want to show off your partner and have your friends like them, but, some posts come off too materialistic, egocentric or conceited.”

 Samantha stresses knowing your motivation for sharing: “Is it because you’re so smitten that you want to shout it from the Facebook rooftops? A humble brag might be okay — declarations of love and happiness are a beautiful thing,” as long as you keep it appropriate for others to see, she says.

I totally agree with Samantha (I guess that’s why I’ve decided to share what she said), but I also believe social media can do a lot of good for a relationship. Scrolling through the best of times can be an easy way to reminisce and increase emotional intimacy. Also, Samantha explains, “Sharing positive things about your partner or your time together will make them feel like they’re a priority in your life.” She recommends sharing a mix of three types of posts in order to keep the haters at bay and help further your relationship. 

To those of us that like to brag about our Boo, Bae, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife on social media, here are the 3 positive ways to do it according to relationship experts. 

1.    Post a photo of you and bae doing a fun activity together. 
Doing activities or taking a trip together is a fantastic way, in real life, to form a stronger emotional bond. Spending quality time with bae by taking part in each other’s interests will bring you closer together, and is an important way to form an underlying friendship in any relationship, which is key to long-term success as a couple. Sharing these life experiences will help you grow together, and it a sure way to help you move from a ‘me factor’ in your single days, to a ‘we factor’ in your relationship. There is no need to hide the one part about your life, that’s playing a big role in your growth development.

2.    Post a pic with your partner and other family and friends. 
The ultimate goal is to have your Bae become a lifelong part of the family,” says Samantha. “Capturing and posting moments of your partner interacting with your family or close friends is meaningful, and helps progress your relationship forward.”

 I hold the view that posting parts of your relationship on social media is a sure way to show your partner that you’re excited about the prospect of him or her potentially joining the family. It also serves as a sign to your partner and everyone else on your feed that you deem this person important enough to meet and spend time with the people that mean the most to you.

3.    Post a photo of your Bae doing something that you’re very proud of. 
A great way to show off your partner is to share a photo or statement about something you really respect or value about them. Maybe he or she just got a promotion, earned a degree, completed a marathon, volunteered or did something inspirational. Words of affirmation and praise will make your partner feel appreciated, and likes and comments about his or her accomplishments from your social network will make them feel good too.
Now let’s go out there and share our happy moment with others!