Spring has sprung and brought sunshine and beautiful blooms.  While we are all working hard to get that beach body or to fit in those cute dresses, we mustn’t neglect to hydrate our bodies in the process. 

It is said that the average human must drink up to 8 glasses of water per day, which is nearly 2 liters.  I drink about half of that and sometimes close the 2 liters. However, some experts suggest drinking more than 8 glasses per day is better.  We all know that that can be tough.  But in this heat, it is absolutely essential to hydrate all day every day.  Here are some tips to stay Hydrated:

1.    Use a water bottle. 
Most people own a water bottle of some sort, whether it be a sports type or not, it well help you nonetheless.

I have at least two 1 liter bottles that I keep full every day, which I place in the freezer overnight that during the day I have icy water to keep me cool. I have noticed that some people track their water intake by making marks on their water bottles to see how much water they have drunk that day, which is a good idea if you struggle with drinking water regularly. 

2.    Infuse the water.
As it can be quite daunting to get the ‘average’ water intake, one can be creative in how they consume water.  

I have taken advantage of infusing my water so it is more pleasant to drink as it is flavored.  There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest about this. Try cucumber and lemon; Strawberries and mint; orange and ginger; mixed berries, but make sure there’s more water than there is fruit. 

3.    Food that hydrates
Did you know that 20% of our H2O intake comes from solid foods?  There are quite a number of foods we can eat that will help us stay hydrated.  

We can benefit a lot from eating more fruits and vegetables as they carry more water. 

The more water we drink, the more hydrated our bodies will be and has many health benefits such as: increase in stamina, weight loss, flashes toxins, promotes skin health and boosts the immune system. I cannot think of a better reason that those. If you struggle with drinking water regularly, try drinking 1 liter per day for a week.  Gradually increase your intake as you feel comfortable to do so. You will get to a point where you cannot go through your day without drinking water.  Love your body and it will love you back.  And remember to save and store water.