So, you've finally worked up the courage to ask out that girl or guy you've been eyeing. Good for you!

Because we understand that planning a first, second or if you lucky the fourth date can be daunting and exciting at the same time. We understand that you are trying to make a good impression while getting to know the other person better.

When it comes to planning the perfact date, location is pretty crucial, but that doesn't mean your date wants to go for dinner or a movie. They want to get to know you, learn about your likes and dislikes, understand your visions and goals better. Dating is a great opportunity to learn what you want or don't want in a life partner.

So we've put together a list of our favourite date ideas that are guaranteed to spice up your dating life.

1. Go To A Carnival

Appeal to your inner child by buying tickets for a carnival. Yes, we know, we know, so clichè. But embrace the cheesiness - share cotton candy, let him try win you a prize, and if ride the Ferris wheel if you have the stomach for it. It's a great way to get to know each other while having fun at the some time.

2. Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing isn’t just for mountaineering experts, athletes, and kids’ parties; it’s also a really fun activity for anyone who enjoys a challenge and a thrill. There’s something about indoor rock climbing that takes you a little out of your comfort zone, which is great for new couples getting to know one another, and it’ll make you laugh until your sides split when you see each other in the hilarious gear. Be sure to dress appropriately; this isn’t a date for dressing up. Keep it simple, casual, and comfortable.

3. Take Dance lessens

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Sign up for an hour or two ofdancing lesson where both of you are beginners. Even if your partner has two left feet, the act of learning a skill will draw you closer together. Stay for the all-couples dance session afterwards if they have or go somewhere else for a bite of eats.

4. Go On An Adventure Hike

If you want to get to know someone, then take a hike together. You can choose a local track in your city or take a drive to one nearby. Either way, it gives you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other while you sweat it out in nature. The best part is when you finally reach the summit, you can take a moment to enjoy the views—and maybe a romantic kiss, too.

5. Have Fun At The Arcade

We love this because it’s something a little out of the ordinary and makes for a nice nostalgic date option. You’ll feel like teens all over again when you ride the Ferris wheel, race each other in bumper cars, play the kitschy carnival games, and walk home with the oversize toy you won under your arm. Be sure to eat cotton candy and corn dogs.

6. Tour Your Own City Like A Tourist

No matter how long you live in a city, there are always tourist activities that we put off, waiting for a visitor to come into town for the excuse to do some sightseeing. Head to Trip Advisor, pick one of the top-rated attractions in town, and make a date out of it. You both might learn something about the place you call home!

7. Take A Mini Road Trip


Sometimes we’re so caught up with work that we need to physically remove ourselves in order to truly focus on our lives and relationships. Getting out on the open road, even just for an hour or two out of town, is one of the best ways to spend time together. The car trip there gives you enough time to chat, and then you can hit the pavement and explore. Before you leave, do some research about where to go and eat, or packa picnic lunch and pull over somewhere unexpected; pretty romantic, right?

8. Book A Cooking Class

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Interactive dates are much more fun and take the pressure off of serious conversation, giving you a chance to really learn about someone's personality. Even if you're a self-proclaimed foodie or chef, there's always more to learn in the kitchen. Most cooking classes have themes, so do a bit of research to see what you're in the mood for. Bonus: food and drinks are included!

9. Set Your Alarm For A Sunrise Picnic

It will take a little planning and discipline to get up in the dark, but seeing the sunrise in each other’s arms will be totally worth the sleep deprivation. Check out Google Maps to figure out the perfect vantage point with the best sunrise views; you’ll want somewhere that is private too, although we’re guessing the majority people will still be in bed at that time anyway, so you should have most places to yourself. Remember to pack some warm blankets in your picnic basket.

10. Meet Up At A Local Neighbourhoods Market  

Shopping is something girls generally love, but malls aren’t the best place to enjoy a spot of romance. You should hit up the nearby neighbourhoods markets; there’s often so much to discover here beyond your weekly groceries. There’s always new brands to discover made by the locals, along with the freshest regional produce. Browse, sample, buy, and then curate your own picnic for when you’ve finished.