A few years ago we wouldn’t have attempted any trip without a maps, travel guides and emergency gear, but today we all depend on our tech to make traveling an easy and hassle-free experience.  

Technology has defiantly made thing very easy for us. To help you get the most from your journey and enjoy every minute of your trip, we’ve come up with some of the best Apps every traveller need to download like today! 


What could possibly make a fantastic getaway even better? How about getting an awesome deal? Open this app, on iOS or Android, to get instant access to inspiring photos of thousands of destinations, interactive maps and deals and discounts on things to do, helping you pinpoint attractions that align with your budget.


Have a layover and three hours to kill? Just can’t get a signal? Need to entertain yourself before hotel check-in? Wi-Fi Finder will help you locate free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots where you are in the world. You can search for public Wi-Fi, filter results by local, or even call up that coffee shop to learn more details—like if they serve lunch! This is seriously handy and available for both iPhone and Android.


Half the fun of traveling is discovering new cuisine. Rather than offering restaurant reviews, Foodspotting puts the spotlight on individual dishes. iPhone and Androids users alike can snap quick pics of delicious dishes, add mini-reviews and share with the community. This visual guide makes finding your next meal a breeze. Craving pizza? Just use the search function to find the best in town. You can also search by location to find delicious dishes. Careful though, just opening this app will make your mouth water.


TripIt was named the People’s Voice winner for best travel app for iPhone and Android in the annual Webby Awards… for the second time. This “virtual assistant” effortlessly organizes every aspect of your trip into a master itinerary by scanning your inbox for flight information, email confirmations and reservations. You also have the option to manually enter trip details and can easily assess your itinerary across all your devices or share it with anyone else who might need the scoop. Yep, this is one vacation planner you’ll want to pack in your pocket.


For all you chronic list makers out there, this app will make sure you don’t forget to pack anything. It even has a weight estimation for each item so you don’t end up with that nasty overweight baggage fee!


Whether you’re doing a multi-leg international trip or just need a quick weekend flight, this app is perfect for finding the best possible prices for flights. It also shows you a month-long estimate for when flights will be at their cheapest if your travel plans are flexible.



Even if you’re not jet-lagged and exhausted, it’s intimidating to walk up to a foreign ATM and wonder how much you’re actually withdrawing. XE Currency stores the latest rates so internet connectivity is hardly a must, which is huge when you’re watching those data roaming fees!


Want to get a local’s perspective when your plane touches down? Ventoura will connect you with locals you can hire to show you the hidden treasures of their city, or simply just hang. Go cliff diving in a secret, tourist-free spot. Take a gallery spot. Discover the best local tour. Or just practice your language skills. If you’re a local, you’ll get paid for providing awesome experiences for travelers—and have fun at the same time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a friend.


Traveling is all about making discoveries, but given all the costs that go into a trip, you can feel very slighted if you wind up spending all your time in a tourist trap or blowing a day’s work in a lackluster restaurant. A new app in private beta, Spot is here to change that, helping users find “the best places in the world.” The app delivers smart and personalized recommendations for restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels based on experts. Get excited for a trip you won’t stop raving about.