10 Characters Of Self-Love

Self-love tends to get a bad rap this for being too self-centered or too self-consuming. But the honest trust is that's a big misunderstanding to the definition of what self-love is. 

The truest type of self-love is not those that produce vanity, selfishness,  or an egotistical attitude, but it's actually just the opposite. 

This type of love liberates you to be the best you. This type of love allows you to exceed those previous limitations others and you have set for yourself. From this type of love you learn to generate the most effective energy of true love. With this kind of love you develop a powerful impact on those you interact daily. 

Below are 10 characteristics of what true self-love is, and the positive results this type of love will bring to your life. 

  1. Self-love is epwhen you appriciate your life's journey,  struggles and then determine to move forward and overcome. 
  2. Self-love is respecting your physical body and taking good care of it. 
  3. Self-love is understanding, forgiving, and honouring your past for the lessons it has provided you. 
  4. Self-love is understanding that you can't change the past, but you can make new and more impowering choices right now. 
  5. Self-love is being greatful for the gifts of life with all its ups and downs. 
  6. Self-love results is a divine respect for the person you are, which then leads to you making respectful choices. 
  7. Self-love is trusting in the process of life. 
  8. Self-love provides you the love that allows you to trust that life will bring you what you desire when the conditions are right. 
  9. Self-love allows you to be limitless in your dreams,  hopes, and desires, and limitless in the actions you take to archive them. 
  10. Self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those around you.