This are cooks, foodies and chiefs one should totally follow on social media or visit their website for recipe inspiration.

They’re amasingly talented, they have a unique approach to food, and they have gorgeous melanin. Each of them  shares a piece of themselves through their recipes.

Robyn Andrea Burgess

Robyn Andrea Burgess is the owner of Runaway Apricot, a website that features recipes made with local and seasonal produce. At the tender age of 15, Robyn was working at one of Washington D.C.’s top restaurants. Her undergraduate studies in Anthropology piqued her interest all the more, prompting her to explore where food and culture intersect.

You must definitely try her Whiskey Cream Puffs with Cinnamon Apple Caramel recipe that’s equal parts decadent and delicate.

Nicole Taylor

This beautiful Georgia native Nicole Taylor successfully merges northern and southern cuisine in her cookbook, The Up South: Chasing Dixie In A Brooklyn Kitchen. Nicole combines her rich southern roots with city-market savvy to create recipes that are unexpected but divine.

Her Cherokee Rose Poundcake couples a traditional southern poundcake with the gentle and fragrant notes of the Cherokee Rose.

Dora Charles

What sets Dora apart is that she learned how to cook from her grandmother, who taught her to use her eyes and instincts to adjust recipes. Dora’s cookbook, A Real Southern Cook, In Her Savannah Kitchen, gathers all her southern comfort favorites in one place.

You will defiantly love her Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls which are created from a recipe that was passed down from her Aunt Laura over 60 years ago. You can make these rolls any time of the year, and they’re guaranteed to be fluffy with just the right balance of cinnamon and sugar.

Jocelyn Delk Adams

Not only is she beautiful, but Jocelyn Delk Adams knows how to bake a delicious cake. Her cookbook Grandbaby Cakes is filled with intimate stories about her family and how cooking has created lasting memories between them.

Her Sweet Potato Poundcake combines sweet potatoes into a fluffy, moist and decadent poundcake. Jocelyn doesn’t believe in skimping on the sugar, butter or cream, and I’m going to have to agree with her on that one!

Erika Council



Erika Council is the owner of my go to websites for recipe Southern Soufflé, a cooking website with deep roots in her southern upbringing. She hosts a monthly supper club called South x Saints, where she whips up traditional favorites with an unorthodox twist.

You must definitely try her Strawberry Lemon Cream Shortcakes recipe! A sweet strawberry compote is cradled in a fluffy, scratch-made shortcake. It’s the perfect balance of savory and sweet.



The inspiration for Pietisserie started one day when Jaynelle St. Jean decided to give pie slices out of the window to neighborhood passersby. The restaurant’s tagline, “Random Acts of Sweetness,” is the catalyst behind the successful Bay Area business. Jaynelle’s Chestnut Cream Pie takes an often overlookePatisseriet and transforms it into a creamy and indulgent pie.

Murielle Banackissa


Have you ever meet someone who lives and amasing life? Murielle Banackissa is that person, she is a foodie and philanthropist. Her recipes are always made with fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients to nourish the body and entice the palette. Her Beet & Berry Ginger Smoothie Bowl adds a yummy homemade granola to the mix, embracing both sweetness and texture.

Murielle is also the owner of Wakami Canada, an online boutique that empowers artisans in rural Guatemala to generate income for their community and families.

Aaron Hutcherson


The only a guy! Aaron Hutcherson left a successful career on Wall Street to pursue his culinary dreams. On his popular blog, The Hungry Hutch, he shares delicious recipes that take him back to his childhood.

His Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boat recipe utilises one of my favorite vegetables as the vehicle for a delicious turkey and cheese filling.

You will come to appreciate how this amazingly talented individuals use their gifts to create lasting memories by transforming simple ingredients.

As you reflect on some of your fondest memories, great food is often the bridge that connects them.