H&M’s new Spring 2016 collection a totally urban jungle-inspired and exactly what you need for the summer mood. This vibrant colors and materials of nature, the collection’s shower curtains, bedding, kitchen towels, cushions, candles and more are sure to light up any space. 

1. Patterned Tray: The blue-beaked bird Toucans is totally winning our hearts, especially because of its bold black and white profile. On a tray, on a mug, on a plate — this beauty is everywhere this summer, and we’re loving it.

2. Small Copper Candlestick: It’s no surprise that copper is sticking around for springtime decor. These elegant and modern candlesticks are sure to look right in your home, at a romantic dinner for two with that special someone, or just chilling on your side table on a weekday.

3. Toucan Pillowcase: look at them, surlymaking the bed will never be a chore with these adorbs toucan pillows. We know  it’s a bold look, but embrace it fully as you mix and match it with other fun, bright accents or even an all-neutral bedroom for a fun, resort-chic look.

4. Copper Wire Baskets: Got any plans to tackle spring cleaning? Then you’ll totally need a few of these stylish copper baskets in your life. Use them everywhere: Fill them with throw blankets, craft supplies and maybe that knitting project you’re working on.

5. Large Glass Vase: Obviously spring = fresh flowers, which means you’re going to need to amp up your vase game. There are a whole variety of sizes to choose from, but we’ve got our eye on that big sea green vase. It looks like just the right size to show off your bouque-arranging skills.