No offense to hot dogs on a stick, but sometimes we want some grown-up food when we go camping. If your like us and find pleasure in mixing things, you will love this recipes. We love real good food and going camping shouldn't mean we can't eat them — food like giant skewers of bacon and roasted berry s’mores. Just add a gorgeous homemade tent, some hi-tech gadgets and a hot cup of hot chocolate for a high-class camping experience, be it high in the mountains or in your backyard, we got you covered. 


1. Campfire Breakfast Burger: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it includes this delicious, gooey homemade sandwich.

2. Roasted Berry S’mores: This recipes kicks every traditional s’mores ingredient up a notch. How about waffle cookies? Then add giant roaster marshmallows, creamy milk chocolate and sweet roasted berries. Mmmm, tastes of summer. 

3. Campfire Cakes: Delicious, delicately orange-flavored cake, and no dirty pans to wash! Bake your cakes in a hollowed out orange in the coals, and satisfy your stomach and your eco-conscience. 

4. Mountain Meatballs: This recipe might take a little work, but there’s nothing more comforting on a chill mountain evening than fresh meatballs. You’ll get in touch with your inner pioneer; we promise.

5. Zucchini Wrapped Salmon: And now for something completely different, just because you’re miles from the nearest Whole Foods, doesn’t mean you have to eat like it. This recipe is gourmet and healthy. Which means you can eat an extra s’more tonight. You can replace the Zucchini with cucumbers if you prefer.  

6. Banana Boats: Also called inside-out banana splits — if you’ve never stuffed a banana full of chocolate, marshmallows and peanut butter and then stuck it in the coals ’til it was warm and gooey, you haven’t lived. We suggest you schedule an emergency camping trip and rectify this grievous oversight immediately.

7. Mexican Grilled Corn: Grilled corn, a longtime staple of BBQs and county fairs alike, gets a facelift in this recipe. It didn’t need a facelift, you say? Okay, wait ’til you try it.

8. Cherry Glazed Duck Breast: Oh man, talk about gourmet. We never even thought about making duck on the grill. We assure you; we will ALL THE TIME after this.

9. Campfire Paella: Tapas sobre el fuego! … And that’s the extent of our Spanish. Make super gourmet paella over an open flame with no pans. Never let a tricky-sounding recipe defeat you again.

10. Campfire Bacon: Obvi bacon in the cast iron skillet is a camping must. That is, unless you can make a giant skewer and roast it over the flame. Just try to get out of the way when the melting fat makes the flames jump.