Things To Do

So, from my last post, we’ve established that staying at home should NOT be an option. As an individual, one should often, if not always, have something to do. There are many reasons we have goals in life, and those goals don't just achieve themselves you know. 

As overwhelming as archiving your goals might sound, there is actually a method to it all. The secret is planning, on time! Planning is so that you allocate the appropriate amount of your budget to the proper activity. 

Time on the other hand is so that you don’t double book yourself only to end up wasting time on activities you have no interest in and spending money where you shouldn't have. For example, telling a friend you’ll accompany them to their cousin’s wedding when you had actually planned to go to a play with a colleague. Remember, lack of planning, at times, can also leave you in the dark with nothing to do. You’ll find yourself calling friend to see what they have lined up and be disappointed to discover that everyone made plans you cannot be squeezed into. Sorry for you, there is no room for you in the squad. Hey, as I said, rather plan! 


One thing I found always works to my advantage is knowing people. I am talking specifically about people outside of your close circle of friends. You’d be surprised how great having these could work out for you. One reason I say this is, for example, some of the activities and events we would like to know about and attend aren’t freely popping up on our phone screen as notifications. Knowing people will connect you to anything happening, the in's and out's, and the best places to be in your area. Now my suggestion is that you re-evaluate your circle of acquaintances, your circle of friends and maybe, just maybe, your line of former significant others. Okay, I'm just Joking! But just bear in mind the type of people you acquaint yourself with. Those come in handy, especially if you'll be nursing the January budget.

Having said that. We all know that the month of January is dry and can seem to go on forever. Because we’ve spent so much during the festive season, having fun with no thought of tomorrow. January will come whether we approve it or not and there are expenses to be taken care of, and life to be lived before we are paid again. This is when it’s convenient to know about complimentary deeds around us. I mean, I am not pickey, in fact, I prefer doing different activities and being involved in different things all the time. Actually, I’m an all rounder. Like, one time, a friend needed a training partner to the Randburg Boot Camp and I signed up, instantly! check it out. It’s free! It’s perfect for your January budget. And in case your new year’s resolutions (if you still set those only to repeat the same list the following year) includes health and fitness and you haven’t started, this is the perfect place and time for you to do so. Don’t hesitate. Sign up! 

Westcliff Stairs

While, I’m still on the health streak. You would also like to give the Westcliff Stairs a chance in assisting you catch your fitness up to the level you desire. Situated in one of Joburg’s most affluent and most beautiful old suburbs, the Westcliff steps, dubbed the “stairway to heaven” consist of several flights of stone steps (210 in total), popular with joggers and dog walkers alike. Here you’re guaranteed to meet people, those who train individually and those who do so in groups that is if you just find it fun to train with other people. Good way and plan to make those new friends and those acquaintances we spoke of earlier. The entrance to the steps is situated on Crescent Drive. You can also access the stairs by walking up Wicklow Avenue in Parkview and at the intersection with Westcliff Drive, through a pedestrian gateway. Once you eventually get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of Joburg's trees and beautiful plants. When you’re done with your workout, cool down over a freshly squeezed juice at Westcliff Deli, at Four Seasons The Westcliff Hotel, which is within a walking distance; it is Open from 06:00-18:00in the evening.

I would like to think that when we talk about things to do we are NOT only referring to lunching with friends and clubbing, that would be futile. Let us rather go out there, get involved so that we can talk about a whole variety of things and experiences. Things that open our minds to new avenues and ventures. Hey, it's the new year. Do something, or better yet, go some place you've never seen before. In a nutshell, Enjoy your life!