I have always been fascinated about contouring and highlighting ones face and how it completely transform the face, but it’s always seemed like such a daunting task. Though the results are incredible, there can also be some misses as well. I am looking for something easy to apply and doesn’t require me to have an endless toolbox of makeup supplies and products. 

Contouring and highlighting can be simply defined as playing with light and shadows. This varies from all ethnicity. But I am dark skinned and need something that will blend with my natural tones but also highlighting my features, something I can wear daily or twice a week and won’t require an hour of applying.

Here are four tools and products you will need to achieve a much softer and wearable contour and highlight technique in just two steps.
1.    A  contour powder (should be dark than your skin tone)
2.    A highlighter
3.    Angled contour brush
4.    Cheek highlighter brush
Extras: beauty blender sponge (optional)

Step 1. Contour
Find your cheek bone with your finger. Now dip your Angled Contour Brush into your contour powder. With a light hand apply the contour onto your cheekbones, Stop midway down your cheeks. Too dark? Just use a beauty blender to even it out. Also apply the contour on the temples of your face to create more shadows. 

Step 2. Highlight
Dip your Cheek Highlighter Brush into your highlighter. Now, stipple on the product to the top of your cheekbones and Voila! You’re done. 

You can add blush by using the same angled brush to apply blush on your cheek in between the contour and highlighted part. 

Ensure that you apply this technique on a fresh face that has concealer or foundation on, to make the contours and highlights pop. 

Easy right?  In just two easy steps that takes less than two minutes you can have that Kim Kardashian look every day without a hassle. 

Shopping list:
Contouring Palette set – Essence R98-95 (Clicks)
NYX Pro Palette Highlight & Contour – R394-95 (Clicks)
Wet n Wild Contouring Palette – R129-95 (Clicks)
Angled Blusher Brush – R94-95 (Clicks)

Powder Brush – R110-00 (Clicks)
Other Stocklist, visit any beauty supply store, but be sure you get good quality makeup and brushes.