3 Daily Practice That Have Helped Me Fined Happiness

In my last article I talked about how I’ve come to practice mindfulness. I’m learning new lessons daily that have helped me grow in ways I can’t come to explain. This week I want to share more the steps you can take to incorporate the practices of mindfulness in your life. 

So below are a few reminders I come back to when I begin to find myself losing sight of what’s import in my now’s...

1. It is not selfish to take care of yourself
You only have so much to give if your cup is empty.

Taking time for myself and away from others has challenged the pleaser in me, but I know that if I do what I need to do for me right now, not only will I be better from it, but me doing so will allow me to give more to those around me.

True self-care is about honoring yourselves, caring for yourselves, nurturing yourselves, and loving yourselves — both for your own benefit and for the benefit of everyone around you. Self-care is important to not only your personal well-being but also to your relationships with the people closest to you. It empowers you to be more available and generous with the people around you in an authentic way, while modeling to them how you want to be treated. 

So this is a reminder that taking time to fill up your own cup is not selfish. Because the only way you can give to others is to have your cup so full that it can’t help but overflow.

2. Do what your able to do right now.
One of the guys I truly admire used to say: “Follow the spark and take steps so small you can’t fail”  

Those that know me will testify that I have some very high dreams and goals of where I would like to end up. The honest truth is I don’t know all the steps to get there. So I've come to realise that if I only focus on the end goal, I find myself feeling paralyzed. But I do have an idea of a couple things I can do in the short term.

“It’s the idea of focusing on the summit instead of the trail ahead of you. If you only focus on the mountain peak (your dreams and goals), you are not appreciating the trail (where you are right now)... and the truth is there are many ways to reach the mountain peak.” Chelsea Dinsmore

So what are the steps that will bring you joy right now, but are still heading towards the mountain peak? Thinking of it in this way relieves me of the pressure and more clarity flaws in.

“Small things with great love…It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into the doing. And it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving. To God, there is nothing small.” -  Mother Theresa

3. Don't discount discomfort.
Sometime last year I began to feel out of place, I knew that was my heart's way of telling me I was ready for my next chapter.

I believe we turn to feel discomfort in what was once a comfortable situation because that's our heart's way of telling us we are ready for our next step. The mind loves safety and security, but taking some steps away from what we know and into what we don't know helps us welcomes change, which takes away that certainty the mind love.

So I believe our mind will do all it can to keep us from changing, but when the heart and soul are ready, they will communicate in a language (feelings) to let us know we are ready to take that next step. And it is up to us to listen and follow those feelings.

So instead of feeling ashamed for wanting 'more’ or not being happy in a situation you know others would die to be in, think of how you could reframed those feeling in a more compassionate way? We tend to identity discomfort with unhappiness but what if instead, we learn to start seeing discomfort not as a lack of happiness, but as sign that you are growing. 

I’ve learned to fully appreciate all I have (and what I've done up until this point) still knowing that because I've stretched myself a bit, I’ve created room for growth...

One has to learn to choose to ether let the heart or the head be their guide. The mind will give you a million reasons to stay right where you are, but the heart always has room to expand. :) 

In this ongoing journey to live out your dreams there will be moments that challenge you, but every feeling and emotion serves a bigger purpose.