5 Winter Protective Doek (Head-wrap) Styles

As the weather outside starts to get colder and colder on our end of the planet, most of  us are starting to plan ways to nurture and take batter care of our crown (hair). This means a number of things: scheduling a appointment at the salon to do a protective hairstyle, or for those that are gifted like that, styling it yourselves; finding a better moisture and conditioning regimens, and switching up our personal style to cater to the changing winter weather—with the help of some chic accessories.

The most popular go-to accessories for protective styling are head-wraps and hats. Head-wraps are super dope because you can mold it into different shapes to match your outfits and mood. Our girl Ayanda Zebe partnered with Business Insider South Africa to show us how to properly tie a doek (Head-warp).