Consciously Improving My Personal Finances


Talking openly about money is something I don't feel comfortable with. I'm already feeling vulnerable writing this article.

However it's this uncomfortable feeling to talk openly about money that has caused my many financial struggles. 

My goal this year has been to clean up my relationship with money. Below are the steps I've personally been taking to have a healthy relationship with money.


1. Learning to control my beliefs and fears about money.

These are my personal beliefs that have been keeping me stuck in a financial reality I didn't want, so, I realised that in order to create more abundance in my life, I had to confront these fears.

My first step was to ask myself: What beliefs about money are making me feel stuck?

By asking these simple question I was able to face my dysfunctional money patterns such as unconscious spending, under-saving, scarcity mentality, etc.). And I started taking conscious steps to change them. This has increased my confidence in money and has automatically attracted more of it for me.


2. Understanding the true power of money.

I realised that I can't become financially stable if I feel like money is more powerful than me. So, I'm learning to be in the commanding position with regards to my finances, by changing my actions with money.

This included creating a savings account (and actually putting money in it), increasing my rates to reflect the worth of my services and being aware of my spending.

By making these small changes it I was able to put myself in charge of my finances and increased my confidence, which in turn, has strengthened my financial vibrations.

3. Recognized the true source of wealth.

As a highly spiritual person, I know that money is not my source of wealth; my connection to the Higher Being is my source of wealth.

My external realities always reflect my internal realities; when I practised staying connected to my true source of wealth within, more wealth naturally makes its way to me.


4. Take inspired action.

As I immersed myself in a state of being financially stable, ideas have naturally flowed to me that has become my next steps in creating more income. Out of nowhere, an idea would pop in my head; if I felt excited about this new idea, I would immediately take action!

I was also guided in ways of increasing my income that I'd never even imagined myself doing.

Joseph Campbell, once said, "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."