How I Maintain My Brazilian Weave


Good maintenance of my weaves is an essential part of my beauty routine - it determines how long they will last. I love Brazilian hair as it's chemical stripped and doesn't tangle, however, it's still important to note that all non-natural hair will tangle to some degree if you don't take good care of it.

Here’s how I maintain my Brazilian and Peruvian weaves:



I make it a point to brush my hair twice a day, starting at the tips. When brushing, I hold the hair in the middle, gently and slowly brush out the tangles at the ends, working my way up to the top of the head. It's important that you don’t brush vigorously as this will cause the hair to shed (and curly hair to lose its curl). I use a wide-toothed comb to comb out severe tangles.



I always brush my hair before washing it, then I gently wash the weave in warm water with sulphate-free shampoo. It's important you don't scrunch the hair as this will cause tangling. If you have used a lot of product on your hair and it’s not attached to your head like a wig, leave it to soak for 10 minutes.

  1. Always rinse your hair with warm water.
  2. Apply sulphate-free conditioner, again remembering not to scrunch the hair.
  3. Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly under warm water.


I always air dry my weaves. I gently pat the weave with a dry towel and leave it outside to air dry. If you use a blow dryer, always use a medium heat setting.

I then spray a leave-in conditioner and brush gently. Don’t tug on the hair as it may loosen the weft and cause shedding.



Also, a regular deep condition has proven to help maintain my weave's optimal condition. I do this at least once a month especially if I use heating tools frequently. 


The best way to maintain the health of your weave is to treat it like your own hair. Natural oils, deep treatment and creames are some of the best ways to keep it from becoming dry or brittle.