Why I Chose To Be A Lifestyle Entrepreneur


A couple of years back, I chose to become a lifestyle entrepreneur and I can safely say it's been the best decision I've made which has benefited my health, dating and social life and most importantly personal relationships in the most amazing way.

You're probably thinking "what the heck is a lifestyle entrepreneur?" A lifestyle entrepreneur is when you decide to build a business around your lifestyle – rather than a lifestyle around your business. So, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I've prioritized the quality of my life by choosing lifestyle first, before thinking of the profits or growth that my business would have. I get to build a business where I get to travel whenever and for as long as I can afford and spend months working on the beach.

And yes, I know profit is very important to the growth of a business, but not everyone starts a business for the money. In fact, more people are turning to entrepreneurship to support the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. As for me, my time and health are at the top of my list. And I get to run a business that’s on my terms and live the life I've always wanted.

Below are a few of the things I like about running a lifestyle business. 


Personal freedom

The most enticing thing for me personally about being a lifestyle entrepreneur is the fact that I've full control over my own life. I have the power to shape my work life depending on my goals and environment. There are no bosses to follow, no corporate culture to abide by, and no crazy work schedules. Instead, I have the freedom to work and earn as I choose, in the comfort and convenience of my own home(s) or exotic locations.

The financial benefits

Now let's talk about the convenience of working from any location and how it has allowed me to save on a lot of business expenses, such as saving on rental payments and overhead costs significantly. 

Stress reduction 

Running my business as a lifestyle entrepreneur has helped me reduce the stress of juggling the demands of my work life with those of my private life. I have the freedom to continue to work late at night after a dinner date or hanging out with a friend. And since I work alone, there is no such thing as office politics and deadlines imposed by a boss. I honestly only follow the deadlines and schedules I have set for myself. 


Being a lifestyle entrepreneur has been amazing for me. I enjoy the real freedom it has afforded me. But It's not all roses because there are real challenges. It takes years to build this kind of business, and it can be a roller coaster ride income-wise.

At the end of the day, this isn’t about money for me, it’s about having freedom in every area of my life. It's about living life on my own terms. 

Life is too short and time is the one thing I can’t recover.