Why I Substituted Breakfast With a Lifestyle Shake


I believe in balance, listening to my body, and finding a wellness regimen that's sustainable and can easily become part of my lifestyle, and that's why I prefer to eat a healthy diet and practice yoga three or four times a week.

But I have a very busy life between full-time entrepreneurship, running this blog, staying fit and healthy, and having a little fun and adventure. So, on a very busy day, it's usually hard for me to remember to have regular meals. 

That is why I am usually happy when I can find things to make my life easier. For the past 4 months, I've been using the Annique Lifestyle Shake as a breakfast replacement, because not only does it taste good, but it also contains an extensive list of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.


There are two main reasons why I've started replacing at least one of my meals with Annique’s Lifestyle Shake. 

It has helped with reducing my cravings: Because I'm getting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals my body needs from the Lifestyle Shake,  I find that I don't crave other foods as much as I used to, and more specifically those that end up on my thighs and stomachs. And let’s be honest. When it's that time of the month you magically have the desire to eat everything in sight. So I usually calm the urge to nibble on unhealthy food by having a delicious Shake instead.

I get that vitamin B boost! I'm not able to make the most of my yoga practice if I don’t have the energy for it. Vitamin B-complex increases one's energy via the food you eat and supplements you take. Or in this case, the Lifestyle Shake you consume.


You will find these crucial ingredients in Annique’s Lifestyle Shake, making it the ideal meal replacement:

ANTIOXIDANTS to help remove ageing and disease-causing free radicals from the body (vitamins A, C and E, and nicotinamide);

STRESS CONTROL with the perfect combination of B-vitamins to support heart-health;

CALCIUM absorption is supported with vitamin D3 and is, therefore, ideal for the aged or people who are often restricted to indoor activities

INCREASE METABOLISM with vitamin B-complex. Increases energy levels and promotes weight loss.

CONTROL PMS and swelling of limbs during menstruation.

I love that it's also available in five delicious flavours, namely strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, lime, and café crème.