Its Time We Consider Prenups As Black Woman


Conversations about money aren’t always easy and its even worse when it’s about a prenup. Here’s why as a beautiful black sister you need to consider getting prenup whether you’re old or young, rich or poor.

To protect your inheritance

In an unfortunate case of death, lest say your Parents might leave you an inherit of their assets. That could be a lot of money and if it turns out that you're in an unhappy marriage, you wouldn’t want to share it with a man you're divorcing or an abusive partner.

To address a difference in income

You might be working whilst your husband is still perusing their studies. Depending on what the field of study is, there could be a huge difference in salaries for at least three to four years at first.

Should things go South, a prenup can protect you from having to financially maintain your ex husband for a couple of years.

To protect your accounts

You might not have money in the bank, but you’re still working on accumulating your pension fund or savings. Should you divorce, these funds will be at risk and you’ll be left with very little to live on when you retire.

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To help you manage debt

Broke doesn’t mean your partner doesn't have debt. Now a prenup helps you decide on how you’re going to manage this debt. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself paying off your partner's debts as well as yours for many years to come.

To protect your future children

When you get married, children might be the least of your worries, but in a few years time you’d wish you had properly planned and secured their future. In your prenup you can include that in case of divorce, certain assets aren’t to be split because you’ve left them for the children.