3 Things to look out for the next time you do you'r nails

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Messy work stations

The first step to consider the next time you go to a nail salon is to be aware of your surroundings and listen to your gut. If the nail stations or sinks are messy or cluttered with several polishes, tools or other items, this can be a red flag.  "A neat station is a clean station."  Each nail stylist should remove tools and towels from her work area between clients.  This ensures that each client gets a new set of instruments for her service.

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Tools are not in a sealed sterilization pouch

Your nail artist should pull a new set of clean tools from a sealed pouch before your manicure starts. Instruments should be cleaned with soap and water then placed inside the barbicide for 15 minutes. Then, the instruments are placed inside the autoclave which exudes steam heat to kill bacteria. Once the instruments are properly cleaned and fully dry, they should be placed in a self-sealed sterilization pouch. Once it's in the sealed container, it's ready for another single use before the cleaning process starts over.

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Polish that is caked on the bottle

Never get your nails painted from a bottle that has settled polish or is caked onto the rim of the bottle. This could indicate that it was not closed tightly, allowing air to lessen the quality of the polish. In general, it's perfectly safe to use a polish from the wall because by the time a client is ready for polish, we have thoroughly examined her nails to detect any fungus and we've cleaned her nails to prep them for color," says Tumi a nail technique.