3 Ways To Maintain Your Health Routine Over The Holidays

It’s that season of the year where we get excited about the holidays, plan family gatherings, spend loads of money we didn’t budget for and forget about our diets. 

Well it’s all good and well to enjoy our holidays, but we really need to be careful not to over indulge ourselves, especially when it comes to eating.  I know it’s difficult to stick to your exercise routine when you are on holiday and having family visiting, but we can do a little to still stay on track.

Get an early start.
Consider awaking up a little earlier to fit in some sketches, yoga or 15mins of cardio.  I have found a little can go a really long way.  It’s like getting a morning boost to get you through the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Take it easy. 
Take time to breathe.  All that running around and stressing over whether there’s enough food for everybody will take its toll.  So breathe, enjoy the moment and take a time out.  And make sure you get enough sleep.

Stay positive.
While we are enjoying the last days of the year, we shouldn’t forget that there’s still a new year around the corner.  If you have let you guard down, overindulge on that malva pudding, lazed around or forgot your gym clothes and etc... Don’t stress.  Recommit yourself again and don’t fall into the ‘that’s it, I quit’ mentality.  Just remember that the body can do anything, it’s just the mind you need to convince.

While doing all of that, remember to enjoy your holidays and have some fun with family and friends, but remember your body is dependent on you. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and keep moving. And you’ll find yourself just cruising back into your normal routine in the new year.