4 Wall Color Upgrades For Your Bedroom

A couple of weeks back I shared plans to upgrade my bedroom, which led to me looking for the perfect wall color that reflect my style. I'm a white wall kind of girl, and from my article you'll notice my decor choices go well with white walls and that's why I opted white. But during my research I come across an article written by The color trend experts at Dulux Global Aesthetic Center. which unveiled new range of paint color schemes that work well on bedroom walls. So I thought it would be useful with you these four bedroom palette ideas that might help if you plan on upgrading your bedroom.


1. The calm bedroom

This is all about creating a soothing mood in your home, which makes it the ideal color for a bedroom. By combining Heart Wood with ink blue, clay and coffee tones, it adds an instant feeling of calm. If you have a focal area – like a desk or dressing table – why not make it a feature with a graphic paint design?

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2. The cozy bedroom

Create a cozy bedroom by pairing Heart Wood with softer pink, that's If you’re looking for color ideas that will create a cozy feel in your bedroom. You can match Pictured Rocks with gentle pink tones. I like the fact that pairing this palette with a mix of plush fabrics will make your bedroom feel even more snug.

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3. The energising bedroom

Pair green with Heart Wood for an enerzising bedroom.
For a pop of energy, pair Pictured Rocks with lively greens and yellows. I learned that painting a strong vertical striped wall design using a zesty tones for a bedroom has that effect that says get up and go.

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4. The relaxed bedroom

Use blue and Heart Wood to create a relaxed bedroom.
For an easy going paint colour combination for your bedroom, combine Pictured Rocks with neutrals and darker shades of slate blue. This is an incredibly easy to use palette that will suit many homes, so do play with colour blocking and contrasting walls. Accessories with natural fabrics like cotton and linen and the result will feel soothing and relaxed.

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All paint colors can be found at your nearest Dulux Shop.