5 Simple ways to Start Eating Healthy

Ever been on those strict - hard to keep up with - diets that leave you exhausted and hungry?! Haven’t we all. Right! Well, why not start with making simple, easy and doable little changes? 

I have noticed how these kinds of diets in the long run are worse for your health because of all the things you deprived it of. If you want to adapt a healthy lifestyle its always easier to start with the little things, which lead to bigger and better result. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Making little changes such as deciding to eat sweet potatoes instead of Irish potatoes can have a positive effect on your overall diet and mental rejuvenation. I’ve come up with a couple of ideas to kick start you on your journey to your summer body and healthy mind.

Here are 5 small changes to start you on your healthy eating journey: 
1- Reduce your intake of sugar for each serving. Weather it be on tea, coffee, cereal, butternut or anything that you would normally put sugar in, try using a spoon less each day or if it works better each week. 

2- Replace all sweet, or fatty snacks you usually eat as snacks with fruit or nuts. 

3- Eating your supper as early as possible to allow your body time to digest and breaking down the food into their essential departments. One other thing avoid eating right before you go to bed, or stick to the same meal time. 

4- Drinking lots of water is a common but helpful and vital tip for getting rid of all the toxins in your body. A lot of 100% pure fruit juices are said to be heathier but they sometimes contain a lot of preservatives, so dilute the juice with some water (fill glass with half water and have of the fruit juice), and avoid fizzy drinks.

5- Learn to eat smaller portions of food. Also make sure the amount of proteins and veggies you eat daily out weigh the carbs. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t just about dieting; it’s a lifestyle. So, remember that making these little changes will gradually introduce your body to those bigger changes that will help  to develop a health lifestyle into a habit. So, that your body doesn’t go into absolute shock. And the most amazing thing is that you will find yourself having no interest nor cravings regarding the healthy foods you once thought you couldn't do without. If it worked for me, it will surly work for you too!!!!