5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Career

Has anyone else noticed that it's April? How is it April already?? I don't think I can deal! Just yesterday it was 1 January... and so many goals were being set with vigour and excitement at the prospect of creating a better life experience in the months to follow. I definitely hope that you weren't been swept by the ‘new year, new me’ craze, but rather set a few meaningful and realistic goals that haven't already overwhelmed you.

If you’re still busy thinking about how to improve your life this year, how about including an improvement in your career? After-all, you spend a huge chunk of your time at work, you may as well make sure that the time spent deliberately builds your career and puts you in a better position to achieve your ultimate career goals.


So, I’ve jotted down 5 things you can do to improve your career. As much as this article is directed to you, dear friends, it’s sooo applicable to me – I need to follow suit!

1. Think about, visualise and write down what your dream career looks and feels like.
Enjoy fantasizing? Well, fantasize about your ideal career experience in the long term and specifically for this year, and write it down. If you’re like me and believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that you attract what you think about/visualise. So, fantasize (literally role play it in your head or imagine it) about what would bring you joy in terms of your career this year, then write it down, keep it in mind and talk about it with whoever you trust with those dreams.

2. Invest in your education.
Make a plan to acquire one new skills this year. This doesn’t only mean doing an extensive, paid course. Of course if you can, get a certificate, degree or diploma. But, if perhaps funds don’t allow, you can learn in other ways like…

- Meeting up with a friend or colleague once a week to exchange skills.
- Getting a mentor who can add value to your current skillset.
- Signing up for a free online course.

3. Constantly brush up your LinkedIn profile.
Don’t only brush up your LinkedIn profiles when you’re looking for a new job. Recruiters, business owners and the media are constantly scanning LinkedIn for potential candidates and thought leaders. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities like:

- A promotion or new job opportunity in your current company that you weren’t aware of, but your HR team was already scouting for.
- New job opportunities in other companies which might be worth your while, or even just worth interviewing for as practice.
- Building your personal brand and presenting yourself as an expert in your field.
- An exciting collaboration on a project, freelance work or a side hustle.

4. Consistently use a planner or notebook.
It’s easy to forget the things we need to do when we don’t write them down, especially when there’s a lot on your plate. So, get yourself a notebook and write down your tasks, then prioritise them. It will help you:

- Overcome being overwhelmed by everything that you need to do.
- Remember everything that you need to get done.
- Stay focused on your priorities and stay on track with all your tasks.
- Very few things can feel as good as ticking something off on your to-do list:).

5. Regularly review your progress.
This could be every three months, and can take you less than an hour. Take stock of your career and do the best you can to move it forward!

Wishing you all the best at work for the rest of this glorious, fast-moving year!