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What Are You Doing to Make a Desired Change in Your Organisation?

I am a black female in corporate, in South Africa. If anyone is to shine the spotlight on the issue of racial and gender transformation in Corporate South Africa, and provide realistic and relevant ideas on how to ease it, it is me. And I urge you to do the same, no matter what your issue may be. 

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5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Career

If you’re still busy thinking about how to improve your life this year, how about including an improvement in your career? After-all, you spend a huge chunk of your time at work, you may as well make sure that the time spent deliberately builds your career and puts you in a better position to achieve your ultimate career goals.

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Whether they think they're smarter than everyone, or they suck up to the boss, or they just darn right have a very negative attitude, there's often someone that is strongly disliked by a group of people in any working environment. If I could, I would name and shame a few that have rubbed me the wrong way in my years of working, but that would be silly and is not the point of this article. 

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