Just the other day I had the privilege of having Sunday lunch with a few beautiful ladies. Good food, good conversation, good moments of laughter was the order of the day.

Now, this had nothing to do with the fact that I happened to be the only man amongst them. Although it did give a brother a good gentle stroke to his little ego.

But in the midst of the jubilant fellowship I couldn't help but wonder "could it be that the true meaning of words such as 'Gentleman' and 'chivalry' have somehow fallen away somewhere in the ripples of time?" Do women appreciate a chivalrous man or can they even recognize him?!

If I’m completely honest with you, the definition and meaning of CHIVALRY has been watered down by our society over the past few decades. The term was originally coined in Medieval times, describing a knight who followed a code of conduct. This code had far less to do with the doors he opened, the bills he paid, or the romantic words that gushed from his mouth, let alone the perfume or suit he wore–and far more to do with his character and his heart.

A true man of chivalry was a man who protected the rights of the weak, displayed strength, character and courage. A man of chivalry was known for his integrity, loyalty, faith, and the way he feared his God. A man of chivalry was defined by his respect and honour for women, and willingness to lay down his rights.

The definition many of our lovely sisters have settled for when we talk about a true man, a good man, a gentleman, a man of chivalry leaves one with a bitter taste in the mouth. If a woman can learn to see past what lies superficially or see past the what is on the surface of a man who can open a door or pay for a meal – and  instead, learn to look into his heart.

My sisters don't get me wrong, while all of those “chivalrous” things are kind and even desirable, they alone should never have the power to melt the heart of a woman because a real man is defined by so much more than a simple gesture.

I challenge every sister to stop swooning over the superficial culture that many have settled for, and tune their hearts into things far more meaningful. Imagine looking at your marriage in the future, and tell me you wouldn't be glad that you didn’t just settle for the boy who opened your doors, paid for your meals, and offered you his coat in the cold. Wouldn't you be glad you looked for a man of character, a man of faith, and a man of honor?

A real man may smell good and dress in par with the latest trends, but far better than a tailored suit he must wear humility like his second skin.

Ladies, allow me to leave you with few words for thought. Next time you think of A "real man" please consider the following:

A real man may open your door but more importantly, he opens his heart, his feelings, and gives of his life.
A real man may pay for your meal but he’s also willing to selflessly lay down his rights.
A real man may carry your bag but more than that he will gently holds your heart.
A real man may offer you his coat in the cold but he will ultimately offer you his respect, honor, and loyalty that’s displayed in how he lives his life.

A real man..is one who imitates Christ in the way he loves.

Well, listening to the ladies I sat and ate with... I knew there is hope☺