How a trip to Gold Reef city helped me understand myself better

Recently I went to Gold Reef City for the first time in years and it was such a great experience. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, there’s a buzz of excitement and great anticipation in the air. It wasn’t too full because I went on a Wednesday afternoon.

I noticed that the more thrilling rides had a lot more action going on in terms of twists and turns, ups and downs. I found that pretty ironic. As we navigate through this journey called life we have a whole spectrum of experiences available to us to explore. Some choose to play it safe, maybe a lazy river type ride, not too many mistakes but not any risks taken either. Nothing particularly wrong with this approach, however, I have always craved more excitement. 


There are some who prefer a more teacup ride type of life. It spins around and there are ups and downs. There are risks taken but it’s always safe within the comfort zone where you have control.

Then there are people who want to live life at its absolute maximum pace, the Anaconda ride type people. An absolute experience that has the full range of everything. You risk it all and sometimes feel as though you are literally defying gravity. Sometimes you feel you will lose your life then feel like life literally couldn’t get better; that feeling of getting off the ride and thinking, “LETS DO THAT AGAIN!”


At the end of that project or job or travel trip you look back and realise the most exciting times of your life lie ahead. You look for something more challenging, more exciting, something that will push you beyond your current capabilities.

I aspire to live at this level. To feel everything. To always be in the moment. There will be great highs, moments of success and triumph. There will be lows, where failure seems to keep knocking you back. Through it all though there will be magic! There is so much room for growth and expansion. So much to conquer and overcome.  So embrace it!

Take it as it come, life will have its ups and downs, twists and turns, enjoy them. 
Cry a little, laugh a lot and LIVE! You owe it to yourself to be H A P P Y!