There was a point in my life that I saw “Africa” as an extremely far removed place from where I was. It was there and we were here.

A whole other continent on it’s own, you may say, that I wasn’t a part of. It was a  place that was spoken of, popularly with negative connotations attached to it. A form of pessimism about it was the order of the day. But to be fair, it was not entirely the case. There has also been some good about it that I held onto.

In my earlier articles I mentioned how little travelling I've actually done. But one thing that I have learned from travelling outside of SouthAfrica, even just for a little while; those few times I’ve crossed the boarder is that it has opened my eyes and unlocked my mind to a much more beautiful picture of this magnificent land. I literally come back home a different person each and every time.

Ok, maybe i can bring you a little closer so that you can catch this magnificent vision that I speak of. Allow me to share this passion with you for a moment.

It started a little while ago after I had  watched a movie on the Rwandan genocide called “Sometimes In April”. I was never ever prepared for the horrifying discovery I made thereafter. To conceive the reality that these were real life occurrences, not just parts of it, but all of it was unnerving. More so because at the time i watched it that part of history was still less than five years! I remember how red my eyes were, I was still sobbing when someone said: “
this actually happened!”.

That statement alone started a conversation that still to this day, 3 years later, we are still having. If I didn’t drop dead then, miracles do happen! I’m not sure why I was so emotional. I mean, a movie with its miserable music that draws you in, all the gruesome moving pictures, the cruelty. I was still so in to it.I refused to accept that I didn’t know about this particular tragedy before, how can this be real, I thought. The fact that it really did transpire boggled my mind! I had to know more if I was ever to share this knowledge with anyone else. I had an epiphany to study and search about it and I did. It didn’t stop there though. I went on to other subjects, this was where the fascination about Africa started. I found myself studying on any and everything related to it all -  following that little episode.

Among many other things, following that little episode, I read these two books of which I couldn't put down. The first one is by Andrew Heywoo titled "Political Ideologies " as well as "Africa is open for business" by Victor Kgomoeswana. These are excellent reads. You can join me in reading "The State of Africa " by Martin Meredith next.

I look forward to digesting more specific  and heart felt topics about Africa in my upcoming articles and hope you will accompany me in this beautiful journey concerning our beautiful continent.

Allow me to leave you with a few chosen words that a friend of mine and I wrote once upon a time when our love for Africa was burning within. The poem is titled "Africa "

Know your worth!
You are a peculiar people,
A generation carved from the very Palms of the Almighty.

Never mind it all.
Just listen to the music,
Can your hear it?
It lies in the beauty of a laughing child.
A smile so eloquently painted on your Sun kissed face.
It Is the joy of a loving mother as she watches her children sing and dance, clapping hands; barefeet in the rain.

The sight of your beauty is striking. 
For it can be found nowhere else!

I belong here!
Along with a family of many faces; 
Clued together by one heart.
I belong to this rich soil.
For I am an Africa.