So yesterday I found myself swooning over Proverbs 31, my heart was intensely blessed at the description of this very interesting and wholesome woman. I must say, I am truly fascinated by her.
During my being blessed by her, one couldn't avoid this great feeling of GRATITUDE that was swirling up in my heart and the urgent push for my spirit to cry out loud. GRACE! 

Whilst every single man's meditation is naturally on the woman, my attention was oddly ushered to focus rather on the husband. One immediately witnesses the manifold GRACE that has been bestowed upon this man's life! He cannot have done enough to deserve this woman nor have much to attract her! 

But hey, before I get carried away, allow me to say this: I am no expert in relationships, let alone marriage. I'm just sharing notes on my experiences whilst meditating on the WORD of GOD.

As a young man, I was told to pray for a wife but I was never taught on HOW TO PRAY FOR A WIFE. Thus, one's obvious approach was to bombard God with lists and descriptions full of specifics of what and how this wife must be. I have grown to discover and believe that the best means to marriage are found in the path of introspection. Before Adam could have his Eve, God had to operate on him, cut him open and take out certain things. He had to BE RIGHT to get WHAT IS RIGHT.

And nothing confirms that like verse 25 of Genesis 2:

“They were BOTH naked and unashamed.”

This TRUTH structures my approach to praying for anything in my life, be it a wife or anything good.
"Lord, help me, search me and operate on me, prepare me; not so much that I deserve it, but so much that I am ready and right to recieve it."

Now back to the Proverbs 31 husband

I noted 3 things about the husband worth considering in prayer. 

There's a reference to his HEART (verse 11)
His heart confidently TRUSTS, RELIES and BELIEVES in her. It is important that at the quest for the right thing our hearts must be readily right. Man, must be readily willing to trust, rely and believe with his HEART and not his words. Because trust is more a choice than it is a consequence.
Is your HEART ready sir?

There's a reference to his COMPANY (verse 23)
Who do you associated with? What kind of a people do you surround yourself with? Because whether you like or not, company influences. This man’s desire for knowledge is evident and proven by the type of audience He keeps. He sits with elders. 
At the gates of life's most important decisions, how often do you sit with your elders sir?

There is again reference to his show of GRATITUDE (verse 28)
"Thank you" goes a long way, when EXPRESSED. The expression of gratitude is a key attribute to a man's character. I think a man must really search the ways of God, so he can master gratitude. Because THANK YOU not only recieves but it KEEPS. Beware of the man who knows not how to say "Thank you".

Are you a man of gratitude sir?

In view of the desires of my heart, it is important for me to search honestly within myself, subject to the loving eyes of God in Jesus to take off my flesh and put on CHRIST. Because to this one question: WHO CAN FIND? Jesus Christ is the answer.

To you the reads, my dear sister or brother in the Lord; take note of this. 
Whilst GRACE is God giving us what we don't deserve, LOVE is God not giving us what we are not ready or prepared for.

So be RIGHT for the RIGHT THING. 😀