Lately, I have been experiencing some tension on my body.  All the festive preps and work pressures got me worked out mentally and physically. I then remembered how a few yoga moves really helped ease my muscles and I felt more relaxed without aches.

I know that most of us don’t have time to do 30 mins of Yoga, so I decided that I would just do some basic stretches in the morning when I get out of bed and at night just before going to bed.  
Stretching one’s body has major benefits and it is encouraged for people of all ages.  

1.    Enables flexibility.
 Imagine bending down to reach the floor without bending your knees and not being stuck midway. Flexibility makes it easier for one to do lifting, running and bending. 
2.    Increase stamina.
 As your muscles get relaxed and loose, you’re filled with energy and you feel like you want to go for a run. While on this run you burn out a lot of energy, so stretching helps to delays muscle fatigue and ensure that there’s enough oxygen flowing through your blood. 

3.    Decreases risk of injury.
 No more soreness on your muscle.  Some exercise injuries are due to not stretching. So before any exercise can take place, remember to get a good stretch.

4.    Improved blood circulation.
 This promotes cell growth and prevents soreness and helps you recovery quicker.

5.    Better posture. 
 I admire people with good posture. They always seem quite confident and can take over the world.  Stretching helps tighten your muscles, allowing you to have better posture. 
If you don’t stretch, you’ll experience the opposite of the above benefits. Make stretching a part of your daily routine.  And you’ll start seeing these benefits too. 

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