Black Woman, Invest In Yourself!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am big on Investments. Some of my friends call me the property mogul in the making. I also like to diversify my investment portfolio and always look for best returns for my investments. I have just realized that as investors or business owners we tend to forget about the other type of investment which is to “invest in yourself.”

I want us to look briefly at how you can invest in yourself and the benefits of doing so.

Most of the time when people suggest ways to invest in yourself they usually talk about a monetary investment. And while this is true, it is just as important to invest time and energy into yourself.


Investment options:

1. Read books (including magazines)

Whenever you talk to entrepreneurs or just people in the corporate environment, one of the things they always recommend as a way of attaining success is to read books. Books give you the power to learn new things and give you new ideas that will be beneficial to your career and development.

Fortunately, these days no one has an excuse to not continuously read. I mean, you can listen to audio books while you work out, do chores or when you’re on the road. It’s always nice to read a book while travelling especially when it's long distance and you not the one driving. My all time favorite author is Robin Sharma; he will inspire you to start setting and acting on your goals and help you perform at your greatest performance level in business or in life.

So, take some time this week to read a book or listen to a new author and get your creative juices flowing!


2. Take a break!

You already know the importance of self-care but how often do you actually make time to implement it? You can start with small things like, taking a break, watch a movie, or to simply enjoying a bubble bath; giving yourself a break is key to avoiding burnout.

One thing I like to do to take a break is simply take a weekend getaway. This is a great way to recharge and reinvigorate yourself personally and not just as a business owner or an employee, but because your body needs this. Not only will you come back refreshed, but your will bring you’re “A” game when it comes to your performance level. Investing in yourself truly makes a difference in your life, your well-being, and your ability to thrive and perform to the best of your ability.

Give yourself permission to take a break and never feel guilty about doing so! 


3. Nurture your body and mind.

I once read an article written by Royale Scuderi, a creative strategist, consultant and writer who specializes in cultivating human potential for happiness, health and fulfillment. He says that one of the ways to invest in yourself is to nurture your body and mind.

“Nurturing both your mind and body allows you to have more to give now and in the future, more energy, more knowledge, more compassion, more ideas, greater strength, physical and mental endurance.”

I think to nurture your body is to ensure that you eat right, drinking lots of water, being active, and are getting enough sleep.

He also suggests that doing the following will help you grow and maintain your mental health ability

  • Explore culture – attend performances, listen to different style of music, travel, or join an organization or group comprised of people from different backgrounds.

  • Open your mind – engage in conversations with those who disagree with you. Look at an argument and try to make a case for the opposing point of view.

  • Keep your mind active – play word games, (yes, even Words with Friends counts,) board games that include strategy, or try using your brain to perform simple calculations rather than relying on a calculator.


4. Avoid debt!

Avoid debt at all costs. There is nothing that will give you financial peace of mind more than a debt free life. Remember personal debt can be a financial prison. When you are in debt, you are in a cycle of paying interest to someone and because of this interest you owe money for longer. So, it’s wise to avoid borrowing, if you really need money at a particular time and you really need to borrow, I would advise you borrow from a close friend or relative who might have and agree on payment terms (i.e. pay over three months), thus avoiding interest payments. Not only will you have higher quality of life through reduced stress, you will have better financial health, ability to save and capitalize on investment opportunities.

 Remember, an investment in yourself is the greatest type of investment you can make.