Black Women Who's To Blame For The Life You're living today?


Have you ever wanted something and it just seemed to not work out and you didn't understand why? Often, when that happens we'll blame someone else for getting in our way, or say we're just unlucky, or that a higher being does not desire it for us, or that we need to perform a ceremony for our ancestors so that they can make it happen for us. There could be some truth to some of this, but do we ever think that maybe we just don't want it that badly, so we're not doing what needs to be done to attain it?  I strongly believe that what we actually realise is what we really want, because we'll do what it takes to get it; we're focused on it.


It's not hard to figure out what you're focused on, you just need to look at where your success lies and what you spend your time on. I'll make an example of myself. I am the heaviest and most out of shape I have ever been in my life, and I'm embarrassed to say that I struggle to run for 15 minutes on the treadmill at 7kmph hahaha! Listen, I've always been a slower runner, but this is the worst. On the other hand, I have never been so mentally stimulated and challenged because my corporate job and businesses push me to apply my mind and be more deliberate about how I spend my time more than I've ever needed to. To me, this is a good thing. I have been successful in making good progress in my career and businesses, however, I most definitely have not been successful in maintain my weight and fitness level. Where has my focus been, and not been? It's glaringly obvious.

I could blame anyone or anything for my new lumps and bumps, like my genetics, but they are a contributing factor, not a controlling factor.  Do I want to be in the same shape and to be as fit as I have been in the past? Yes, of course, but it's not my biggest priority, otherwise the results would be different. It is a priority, so I will get there, it will just take a bit longer than it has before. Why? Because whereas I used to work out for 1.5 hours, five or six days a week, I now only work out for an hour, two or three times a week, in a good week! It's an unfortunate sacrifice that I choose to make, for now. 


So, what is it that you really want? Well, again, just look at where your success lies and what you spend your time on. We may sometimes think that things aren't working out because of other factors, often other people. But no one else can be a permanent roadblock to your success, only you. No one will want what you want for yourself more than you, so you need to make the moves that will get you there, irregardless of what others say and do. And if things don't work out, it just means that it was never really that important to you any way, and that too is okay.

 Wishing you great success in what you really want!