White is my favourite colour, but lately blue and white have become one of those classic combination, I’m loving a lot. It makes for an easy but yet stylish table top setting. 

With the help of Rebecca Atwood, we’re going to explore two directions. Firstly,  we're going to focus on dressing down your china and secondly, we'll dive into dressing up a classic white plate. I love how she can match that mix of casual and formal decor for a more interesting setting. 

Since blue and white is so classic, I want to mix things up so it feels modern. That means mixing old and new and high and low.
— Rebecca Atwood

One thing she shows us, is how to mix your mother’s china with more casual pieces so it feels easy for everyday use. "Why else does she, mom, have it if she isn't going to use?!" She said.  In this first look, Rebecca brought in a casual blue and white dishtowel as a placemat. The plaid dishtowel is also basic enough that it doesn’t compete with the other elements. It’s just a great backdrop.

If you love a white plate look like I do, she says, then try adding in your colour palette through the textiles. Here she used a Mexican Ótomi runner. It’s embroidered and a real showstopper so you don’t need much else. 

I noticed how using textiles that may not traditionally be table linens is a great way to elevate the mood of your decor. For this combination you might also consider bringing in terracotta tones and coloured glass to add another layer to the story.