Committing To Hard work

“Rome was not built in a day,” they say. Well, neither was it built in 2 days or even 2 months. Neither was it built by dreams and plans alone. Neither was it built through procrastination and excuses. Neither was it built by fear. Rome, ‘the eternal city’ as it is sometimes called, was built through time and sacrifice. Rome was an investment. 

As the New Year has unfolded; many of us have exciting goals and plans that we have enthusiastically embarked upon. We have a vision of where we want to be, where we want our careers to be, what we want to gain or lose, we’ve marked a path and are (hopefully) on it. While worthy goals are desirable and definitely motivating; we soon find out that it takes a whole lot more than motivation to keep at them. It takes time, sweat, effort, sacrifice, change and yes, even tears. It takes stepping out of our comfort zone and choosing the harder route as opposed to the easy one.

The world makes us believe that the easier the task, the better. That isn’t so with our dreams. Before the beautiful cake, the baker sweats in the kitchen! Before the beautiful song, the singer sweats at rehearsals. Before the beautiful picture, the model has tried 50 different poses, before any beautiful finished product, there must be meaningful effort put in.

So this year, let’s commit to a more realistic pursue of our dreams. Let us commit to hard work. Let us commit to grit. Let us commit to sacrifice. Avoiding hard work, for whatever reason, is in the end, only selling ourselves short. If we want it, we have to go get it; and that means getting off that chair, out of that bed, breaking away bad habits, over-coming self-defeating behaviour and putting in WORK! In the words of David Bly “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” What might we be expecting to get?

Rome might not have been built in a day- but it WAS built! It was built through time and sacrifice. Strong hands had to go to work. Weak ones had to learn to work. Let us reflect our faith in our dreams through the time and sacrifice we put in. That is the very first indication of success.