Family At The Heart Of Christmas

The face of Christmas has changed throughout the Christian revolution as I would call it. From the allegdged pagan celebrations back in the days to the adoption by modern chritians alike in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Today, Christmas is celebrated by even atheists, You don't believe me? Well look around you, for example most companies closes for a week or so on Christmas weekends so that families can come together.  Even those who don't have anything religiously in common take a special liking of each other (or at list I hope they do haha). 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate families. To celebrate Love. The need for it and the existence of it. I know that there is so much more we could do to eleviate pain and hurt  in this world, this makes me think of a quote i sow some time ago which hit right at my centre.

It said: " everyone wants to save the world but nobody wants to help mom wash the dishes"...isn't so true? We convince ourselves that we are needed elsewhere and anywhere but not our homes. Because it's so difficult to love the people we have seen at their worst. 

This is why I am falling in love with Christmas again. Because it is family time. It is the reason after all we celebrat; the reason we all have something in common: Love.

I hope we all make Christmas our own, above the presents and extravagant meals, I hope we spend time with those that really matter.

Merry Christmas everybody. And remember if you do celebrate and you are not Christian,just know that you aren't converting. Jesus Christ wasn't born on the 25th of December anyway 😉 

Peace and light earth family!