Family Is Everything!

Family is EVERYTHING! Yes, indeed, family IS everything. It is often said that one day one will grow older and realise that in the end, one has nothing more in this world than one’s own family. I’m not so sure about that but from what I now know for sure, I wouldn’t dispute that statement either.

I had an interesting conversation with my sister the other day. Okay, well, it was more of a chat over WhatsApp. I know, right! But nevertheless, it was an interesting conversation regardless. We spoke about how sad it is that some families don’t get along so well. How some siblings can and have become strangers over some silly misunderstandings, or how easily it seems, some families fall apart all because of poor communications. And, at times, how hard all of this falls upon the children involved. 

Please, don’t get me wrong, my family isn’t perfect; it’s actually far from it. We’ve also had our ups and downs. We sometimes still get on each others nerves and step on one another’s toes. I don’t always get along with my father, my father doesn't always get along with my brother neither does my brother get along with my sister nor does my sister with me. It’s circle of life. But with that been said we always manage to find our footing again. My family and I have been through a whole lot. Yet, we’ve managed to carry each other through it all. The one thing I love about my family, amongst the million other reasons, is how much we love each other. To have a single group of people in your corner who you know would go far and beyond for you, no matter what, makes one appreciate home that much more. 

One thing my sister and I absolutely agree upon is that even though our family isn’t perfect, we sure are glad we got each one of them as members of our crazy club. I cannot possible imagine a life without any of these guys in it. It would certainly be a gloomy one. Of course, I am not so naïve to think that it will all last forever but at least I can live a full life knowing that I had a single group of people who would have and did do much more than I could ever ask for. I believe that is a good thing for every person who has ever loved anyone other than themselves. God, love, and family give meaning to any life. It makes me feel like I belong; it makes me feel like home. And I know for sure that there isn’t a single soul that doesn’t desire nor want to feel like they too, belong. 

Yes, indeed, family is everything. And no matter how “twisted” one may seem “compared” to another, it is a treasure to any soul that finds it. And a more precious one to the one who cherishes it through thick and thin.