FASH TECH: The age of wearable technology

Imagine a shirt that detects pollution or a bracelet that helps you save money. Well, you don’t need to imagine it because it already exist and many can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Indeed, these are exciting times to live in. With the ever advancing technology, one can hardly keep up. Fashion and jewellery designers have merged technology with their designs - making life much easier. So, I’ve decided to share four (amongst many) of my favourite wearable technology outfits out there. You’ll sure want to have one of these. 

1. For the commuter

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket

Wow, how amazing is this! Levi’s and Google have teamed up to bring you not just a jacket, but a jacket that makes commuting much easier. This jacket is aimed at the urban commuting cyclists which enables the cyclists to control music, maps and calls via and interactive yarn in the sleeve and detachable tag. This is engineering and fashion at its best. This wearable tech makes navigating the city much easier and it is designed in a way that you can’t get too wet and dirty as it has a water and dirt repellent coating, with a hood you can detach. Looking at this garment, you don’t expect anything techy about it because it still maintains the iconic Levi’s look. It available in an indigo colour and from sizes S – 2XL. The Commuter Trucker jacket goes for R1970 ($148.00)...at the Levi’s online store. Visit Levi’s online store for more details. 

2. For the savvy

Mna Nam

Oh my goodness! I am absolutely obsessed with Laduma’s work. He has once again stunt the fashion world with his latest design called Mna Nam, brought to you by Sanlam. What it is, you ask? Well, let me simplify it. It’s a “sophisticated fashion statement” in a form of a bracelet which makes it easier for you to save money. Available in black and gold for him and white and gold for her. How does it work, you ask again? Its a unique design, seamlessly integrates a QR code that is linked to your WeChat Savings Wallet. So once you’ve bought yourself this limited edition of wearable tech, download and open the WeChat app, set up your WeChat Wallet, Scan the Mna Nam QR code and choose the amount you want to save. And that’s it; quick and easy. What I love most is that it’s proudly a South African design and that it promotes saving money. Visit The Mna Nam webpage or watch the ad for more info. 

3. For pollution detection


Wow! This will definitely blow your mind. This piece of garment goes way beyond “The dress” You remember that blue and black or white and gold dress worn by (……) that broke the internet? Well, Aerochromics is on another level. This is science and fashion amalgamation. Basically, Aerochromics detects pollution. It’s a shirt, comes in long sleeves and “fluctuate in colour when exposed to various pollution levels in the air”.  Once exposed to pollution such as carbon monoxide, particulate pollution (dust, dirt, smoke or soot) and radiation, it reacts, revealing three really cool artistic patterns. The love and need for this shirt will give you a clue of what kind of environment I live in. Designer Nikolas Gregory Bentel, must have had me in mind while designing this. 

This change in colour alerts the wearer and also those around him/her of the increases pollution levels in that area they’re in. This garment carries a hefty price tag of R6500 ($500 - $625)….. however, it is very effective. The non-reactive shirts go for R1200 ($90)…each.  For more details on this awesome wearable tech, watch this ad. 

4. For the active and mindful.

Ringly luxe smart rings and Aries bracelets

Alright, so we have plenty of science and engineering up in here, but let me tap into some IT with these leading tech rings and bracelets. Ringly has seriously outdone themselves. They want you to “stay connected without compromising your style” - says CEO Christina Mercando d’Avignon. How this works is that it syncs with your iOS or Android device to alert you on any notifications you might have missed while your phone was in your bag. How does it alert you? By vibrating and flashing an LED light. Ringly comes in a range of semi-precious stones form Emerald to Sapphire and also connects to 100’s of apps. So you stay connected no matter where you are and looking good.  The Aries bracelet is another step further. It has all the phone notification features, added with activity tracking like steps and fitness tracking.  The bracelet comes in two different styles: a “casual, modern” style with a pyramid stud and the more elegant option with a diamond accent on the side. The retail price is R2200 ($165 - $275)... Visit the website for more details

How much smarter can we get?  The above are but a few of many wearable technologies that’s out there. Perhaps you have an idea that will influence the world. Make it more interesting and appealing by teaming up with a fashion or jewellery designer or vice versa. Make it happen! The world awaits.