Ke December Boss – Fitness for Who, For what?


Staying active during the festive seasons can be a rather daunting task.

During the festive season we turn to throw our workout routines out the window, because when most of us say we going on “Holiday” we not all referring to flying to the Cape Town beaches or Zambali Lodge. But rather we are actually talking about going back to Limpopo Ga’Skhukhune or the North West Phokeng, where we grew up.

Now the problem is that Virgin Active gym is not a 5 to 10 minutes drive away and your regular jogging route is temporarily not a door step away. It is so much easier for me to do my regular scheduled workout sessions if I am going to work or school.

Fitness is a lifestyle choice and staying active is so much easier then starting over again. My theory is rather be less active for a week or two then stopping to be active completely. You can get away with a lot if you keep working out and eating badly. Trust me when I say if you stop being active and indulge all the food offered during the festive season, your body will bear the evidence.



To stay active during the festive season will firstly require discipline. You will have to make a conscious decision that you want to stay active during the holidays. No matter what you do, do not tap out with conversations such as “ah it's December boss I will see fitness in 2018” or “YOLO (you only live once)”. Your wellness is worth more than such statements.

Workout Ideas

If you find yourself at your grans house with no gym insight, below are three items that will help you stay active during this holidays:

  • Old pair of sneakers

  • Skipping Rope

  • Resistance Band

That’s all you will need!



I grew up in the North West Ga’Motle and trust me when I say that the soil is not ideal for a good pair of all white Nike sneakers. I suggest you wake up just as the sun rises and go for a run. Most probably your gran is already awake baking scones or making porridge (one of my favourite smells to wake to when visiting my grans house as a kid) so ask her to wake you up.  I am sure she is already expecting you to wake up early to sweep the front of the house and to fill up the drums with water, so get a head start by first running around the block before beginning with your chores. If the neighbourhood is not used to seeing people running I suggest recruiting a couple of friends and do it together. If they do not pitch, mo’ghel still go for that run because no one is responsible for your fitness but you.

15-20 minutes run should be good to get your heart rate up.

Alternatively go buy bread at the furthest shop possible to put in some minutes into that walk. Make sure it takes 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back.


Skipping Rope

Skipping rope can burn about a 1000 calories in an hour. Find a spot behind the house where you can skip rope for a couple of minutes to do some cardio. I used to love playing “kathi”, skipping rope in setswana, with my cousins growing up so gather a couple of girls and find an old long rope and get nostalgic by playing all those skipping rope games we played as kids. See it as having fun but also staying active.


Resistance Bands

This is the new “in” thing in fitness and it definitely does not consume a lot of space when packing it as part of your luggage. Depending on which when you get but the when I use easily folds and I can put into the pocket of my bag.

Resistance bands are ideal for using them during squats or exercise such as fire hydrants. Please refer to the “My Hips Don’t Lie” article for a thorough explanation on how to perform these exercises.

Use the resistance bands for theses anaerobic exercises that you can do in your room just after you wake up or just before you sleep. The resistance bands will add some challenge to your workouts therefore intensifying the muscle group being exercised.

There is no excuse not to stay active these holidays. Remember your fitness is your responsibility and it’s about finding that 20 to 40 minutes before starting your day and squeezing it in even if there is no gym around.

Happy holidays beautiful reader and #StayActive