Floral Kimono: My Style Journal

DSC_0564 (1).jpg

You might be asking "what the heck is a kimono?" It’s basically a long loose robe, traditionally worn in Japanese culture, but more modernly worn as a robe or sheer layer. They are great for summer over swimsuits or a lightweight layer with shorts or distressed jeans.

So why do I love them so much? Because kimonos are amazing wardrobe savers and there are countless ways to wear them. I love how easy and effortless kimonos are. Thanks to their thin, breezy fabric they make a perfect summer layer and they totally take a boring outfit and make it into something feminine and notable.


Throw a duster over jean shorts and a tank top and suddenly your ho hum outfit has some serious edge. Or tie in basic skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a cropped satin kimono jacket and you’re ready for a night out on the town. Or you can even drape one over a bikini and your trek to the beach will now look more like an elegant sashay.

If you don’t have a kimono in your closet yet, you should definitely think about investing in one soon—you really only need one, and if you choose the right pattern you can mix and match it with a ton of your wardrobe. I even wear mine as a cover-up for lots of outfits!


Below I share other ways I've incorporated a Kimono into my outfits.