Gareth Armstrong is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization called Future CEOs, which assists young, ambitious and up and coming ententrepreneurs to help grow their businesses and fast track their careers. 

Gareth is also a radio talkshow co-host on CliffCentral which he hosts along side Hlubi Mboyo Arnold. He is also a board member of advisories for Selfstir Limited as well as a leadership analyst and consultant at leadership platform

He has written numerous articles including the star workplace leadership platform for the star newspaper. 

We were privileged enough to sit down with him and talk about his life's journey to which he shared some valuable lessons and insights that will be of great benefit to you as an entrepreneur and/or be of great value to your career.


Twitter: @Future_CEOs

Facebook: FutureChiefExecutiveOfficers

Interview Conducted By: Londiwe Nyoka