Hello, it’s your wake-up call


We’ve all been in situations where we were faced with difficult challenges and found ourselves asking, “Why is this happening to me?” first of all, who in your opinion should it be happening? At times we ask why because we don’t believe or accept that this particular challenge should be happening to us at all. It's like you don’t care why- you just want to it to stop, but who are we to decide that? Are we suddenly saying life should not come with struggles and challenges, I thought the challenges were meant to be taken on and conquered. 


We are spiritual beings who need to tap into that spirituality in order to turn our lives into subjects we can study. Every single person has a different curriculum, which has its rough and smooth patches.  And like any subject, there comes application. We learn so much about perseverance and how God loves us and wants to see us winning, and funny enough, we find ourselves reiterating those teachings to others, but the second a growth moment presents itself, we ask why- oh, I don’t know Karabo, probably cause you have a better understanding of certain things and now it’s time for application so they can be cemented into your heart. It’s the same thing as taking a class on survival skills where you learn what to do in times of an emergency and you just flake during the emergency. Like you’ve been constantly taught that do not panic when you are submerged in water and then the first thing you do is panic.

It can be hard I know,  but it’s time for you to turn to yourself and trust that all you know and have been taught is going to assist you. You have a goal in mind, you work hard to remain consistent and you swim up to the surface, once there you continue persisting with what you know and learn about how to stay afloat.  


When we don’t take the time to learn from trials we’re the same as a drowning person who comes up to the surface swallows litres of water and sinks back down- over and over and we ask why we have trial after trial without a break. Stop, breathe and feel. Listen to the universe as it whispers to you, sleepwalking never did anyone any good so why should you sleepwalk through your life.

The beauty of it all is that the moment we switch our whys into what, it magically changes the game. Asking questions like, “What am I meant to be taking from this situation, what is it that I am missing, what does this mean”, you are calling in answers that come from positive and genuine vibrations and the universe responds to the very same vibrations. We always hear people say “what you put out into the world, you get back”- well, to be honest there’s nothing flaky about that statement. Feed and nourish your soul.