How music can benefit your unborn child

I recently received news that my friend is expecting a baby boy and her being a classical musician as I am, we found ourselves discussing things that are helping her create the bond between her and the unborn child and what has helped her relax the most. After our conversation I decided to research on the things we talked about.

Pregnant women experience a lot of changes within them be it psychological, emotional and physical. One thing my friend and I  discussed was the impact music has played in her pregnancy. Listening to music when pregnant will not only soothe your nerves, but it will also reduces stress hormones. Other benefits of listening to music is that it helps you connect with your unborn child by strengthening your bond. 


By exposing the baby to music while in the womb goes beyond you sharing your musical preferences with them, but your also allowing the baby to use music as a way to connect with, to know and understand you.

As I researched more on this topic, I found that music may help also in fatal brain development of your unborn baby, with that said avoid music that is loud, chaotic or disturbing. The choice of music you play does matter.

What is the best way to use Music and how?
The best type of music you can choose to play for your unborn baby is classical music. This type of music usually includes a range of notes creating a lullaby sound. The music should not be discordant since thus type tend to be harsh with no soothing harmony. When choosing music for your baby to listen to in the womb, always opt for songs with soothing harmonies especially if you plan on placing headphones on the belly.

Some experts recommend moms-to-be to play music cautiously to their unborn child during pregnancy because, the music most people call "classical"--works by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart—is completely different from music such as rock and country. Classical music has a more complex musical structure. Babies as young as 3 months can pick out that structure and even recognize classical music selections they have heard before.

Researchers think the complexity of classical music is what primes the brain to solve spatial problems more quickly. So listening to classical music may have different effects on the brain than listening to other types of music.

This doesn't mean that other types of music aren't good. Listening to any kind of music helps build music-related pathways in the brain. And music can have positive effects on our moods.

Make music a part of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to prepare for your child’s birth and music can play an important role in shaping those months into something special. As you listen to your favourite music or sing to your unborn child, you are starting to create a special bond that will last for a lifetime.

The long hours of pregnancy can also be used to pick up a hobby for which you never had time before. If you have always wanted to learn music but have never had the opportunity or occasion to do so, you can use the extra time to take up music lessons.

Sharing can be one of the finest ways to build a relationship, and what could be better than to share your love of music with your unborn baby than just letting stress take a toll on you both!