How to Balance Your Meals

So, how you choose to start off your day says a lot about the energy levels you’ll carry throughout the day. What am I talking about? 

Well, I like to have a variety of foods to balance the essential nutrients my body needs daily.
Take today for instance, I usually start off my day with some regular old bowl of muesli (sometimes I substitute muesli with oats), add a little bit of plain yogurt and a fruit to go along with it. And then I usually have a snack in between so that I don’t eat unnecessarily. 

For lunch I normally have a bowl of pasta, tuna fish (could be fish fillet) some tomatoes, olives, sliced onion and spinach leaves to make it look nice and alive. I like to have a little snack before supper; a light meal at night Is exactly what the doctor ordered. So, for dinner I will have some chicken (breast) with yellow and red pepper. As I said before, I like to keep my meals proportional and small.

I don't know about you but eating healthy excite me. Especially, when I make an amazing meal from what might be considered ordinary dishes. So, with reference to your meals that is, what do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and supper? Do you normally integrate some snacks in between your main meals? A little advice, make sure that you balance out your meals and the times you eat.

Try by all means to stick to the same meals. Adding a bit of flavor and color by integrating foods from the pyramid. It is essential to put some life into your food; watch your portion intake; exchange something bad for something  good daily. Keep it simple and explore!