Hate is a strong word, but it lives in the working world.

Whether they think they're smarter than everyone, or they suck up to the boss, or they just darn right have a very negative attitude, there's often someone that is strongly disliked by a group of people in any working environment. If I could, I would name and shame a few that have rubbed me the wrong way in my years of working, but that would be silly and is not the point of this article. 

In all honesty, I hate hate. I hate not having good feelings and thoughts about other people, it does no good for me. But, sometimes some people say and do things that just make my blood boil. So, how do I deal with them? 

1. Breathe.
This is critical. When you breathe your muscles relax and releases endorphins which make me feel better so that I don't kill anyone with very unkind words.

2. Take control of my feelings. 
No one can make me feel anything, it's all up to me. They can influence how I feel, but ultimately I'm the only owner of my feelings. I cannot even blame that person for "rubbing me the wrong way" because only I am in control of my feelings, so I am accountable to myself for how I react.

3. Say what I think.

I'm not afraid to say what I think, everyone deserves honesty, but we don't all like hearing the truth when it's not to our favour. Either way, living an authentic and happy life means telling hard truths with good intentions. 

4. Remember that they are human.
There are two points to this: 1) Because they are human, they can and are allowed to and have come on this earth to make mistakes, just like me, so who am I to judge them? 2) Because they are human, they also have a brain and it might actually have some really smart ideas and thoughts, so then I listen and try to understand what they are saying and see what I can take from it instead of taking offence.

4. Do what I get paid to do. 
Essentially, I got hired to do a job, and that's what I need to focus on. Some situations don't need a reaction, they just need you to press the IGNORE button and carry on with what matters. 

How do you handle situations when that one annoying colleague?