How to Keep Your Natural Crown Moisturized


The natural hair struggle is real ladies and the number one problem for most of us, is keeping it moisturized. So, how do we solve this challenge? Below are a couple of tips and tricks you need if you want your crown to look  amazing. 

In summer add some honey into your leave-ins. Honey is an emollient and natural anti-oxidant which makes it a great conditioner and stimulates hair growth. It is a natural softener and leaves your hair well conditioned and leaves your hair healthy while improving the condition of the hair follicles.

Not only is honey good for your hair but also fantastic for your skin.

Adding thick natural oils like castor oil to your hair and avocado help seal moisture in your hair. Most natural hair queens swear by Black Jamaican Castor Oil as their number one hair oil and apparently the benefits are amazing. Castor oil carries ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp and hence increase hair growth and moisture.

Another oil that works absolute wonders is coconut oil. Coconut oil not only stimulates hair growth, but gets deep into its follicles, which also promotes scalp health by fighting against insect bites, lice and dandruff. 


A true moisturizer will have water listed in its ingredients. Instead of always washing your hair with shampoo every-time you wash it, rather sometimes wash with just water instead as it doesn’t strip the hair of its natural moisture as much as harsh shampoos do. Sometimes just spritzing your hair regularly with plain water is just enough. If you're looking for something extra, then a mixture of distilled water, Aloe Vera juice, your favourite natural oil and glycerine will do. Regularly steaming your hair also helps open up the cuticles and hydrate the hair

In order to lock in moisture during the night cover your hair with a bonnet or satin scarf. If you find that sleeping with a scarf on your head gives you headaches then a great alternative would be a satin pillowcase.