Video courtesy of Biaggi Luggage

We all know that traveling with a carry-on luggage can seems like a great idea at the time you're booking a flight—until you have to pack. Who wants to pack only one pair of shoes for an entertaining weekend getaway? every woman needs multiple wardrobe changes that will accommodate all planned activities for the weekend and trust us its possible.  

If you don't think it's possible to travel with carry-on only, former Bond Girl and frequent traveler Rachel Grant might just change your mind. The actress teamed up with Biaggi Luggage to show how she manages to pack 100 items—yes, you read that right, 100—into a small suitcase. 

Watch the mesmerising video above, and try Grant's handy packing hacks:

  1. Use ziplock bags to compress clothing. 
  2. Always roll clothing.
  3. Segment cosmetics and liquids into ziplock bags, then store in a larger bag for easy access. 
  4. Store socks inside shoes to maximize luggage space and help shoes keep their shape in transit. 
  5. Pair sandals with rubber bands to keep them compressed. 
  6. Organise packing cubes by according to the shape and weight of clothing. 
  7. Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag and keep liquids or fragile accessories at the top.