How To Prepare For An Audition

Often we never know how to prepare for auditions in general. It takes more than just preparing the repertoire, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. Here are my tips of preparing for an audition, that have been helpful to me.


Before an audition it's best to prepare physically for it. Let me explain more: 

Fear and anxiety usually get the best of us in moments where our performance is evaluated, this could be audition for a part in a play or drama, job interview, presentation, or even public speaking. When I was in Primary school I use to get so nervous when ever I had to play at eisteddfod or audition for an orchestrator to the point that my hands would start sweating. I realised that I usually would feel at ease if I physically and mentally prepare well in advance. 

One thing to get rid of before any audition - Negative thoughts! What we don’t realize is what you think about most of the time, will most likely be your reality. Like let’s say you know that there is a difficult passage in your musical notes that you have to play. If you think a lot about it and let thought like “ what if I mess it up” occupies your mind,  then that's exactly what'll happen. 

A great way of eliminating fear when I go to an audition, is by confidently knowing I can play all of the repertoire on the list. So I prepare well ahead in time. 

I usually prepare ahead by developing a checklist as I’m practicing of everything I need or could possibly need to know. Identify the key signature and finger through the appropriate scale, by making sure you know what style of music you are playing before the big day. Also practice your breathing at home while playing through your music and always make sure that your posture is cantered.

One other thing that will help is playing for people. LOTS of people - performing for friends and family is the best way to gain confidence. This tests if your playing is ready or if you are focused on the right things. It tests whether you prepared correctly for the logistics of an audition
Practice makes perfect always prepare well ahead in time.. 


Make sure you’ve packed everything you’ll need the night before, then figure out how you are going to travel to the audition. Once your at the audition do your best not to listen to others as they rehearse, because this might make you question your abilities. 

One mistake I've seen people do, is how they would tell the person who is auditioning them, how bad they think they are or make excuses for regarding their preparation before they even start playing. Avoid this at all cost. 

Never stop playing when you make a mistake!

lastly if it happen you do very poorly on your audition then always remember this fact: If you keep practicing, you will sound like you improved twice as much to anyone that heard you play poorly before. 

Always Accept the final result, and don’t avoid weaknesses in your performance, Never!