How to Stick to Your Goals Every Day

Last month I wrote an article on my blog  titled Why I Won't Be Making Any New Year's Resolutions. If you read it, thank you so much! The article was about how I’ve decided to make small improvements in my life each day instead of making rock solid new year’s resolutions which will have crumbled by February. A couple of friends commented saying that they’re good with planning or setting goals, but sometimes struggle with sticking to them. I think we all are faced with this challenge, so I’ve thought about the goals that I’d set throughout the year and reflected on what’s helped me in my pursuits:

1.  Set Easy and Enjoyable Goals
A lot of the time we set goals to challenge ourselves, and to make us work harder. But sometimes as we write them down, we feel like we’re already setting ourselves up for failure! The easier and more enjoyable a goal is, the more likely we are to get into the groove of it, maintain it and achieve it. Here’s an example: 
Goal A: 
Lose 11kgs by July 2017.
Goal B: 
Enjoy learning more about the best food and exercises that will help my body look and function at its best and apply what feels right to me.

Goal A gives me anxiety, and that’s not a good place to start. As much as it has a longer word count, Goal B is quick and easy to get into. I can start right now by Googling healthy food recipes that I will enjoy and include the ingredients in my shopping list. 

What about the results? As long as you feel good about what you doing, the results will always be positive for you. 

2.  Think / Visualise / Speak / Feel Positively
I’m a big believer in or follower of the “Law of Attraction” and “Creative Mind”, which basically state that we attract what we think about, visualise, speak about, and feel. I could expound on this in a book, but I think you’ll enjoy this quick video by my beautiful friend Bonolo Ntombela who does an excellent job explaining it. 

In essence, if you think, visualise, speak, and ultimately feel positively about your goals, you’ll bring them to life! The key is to always find a “good feeling place” because your emotions are a clear indication of what you’re thinking, visualising and speaking, and of what you will attract into your life. 

3.  Be Open to Change
Now this might not seem like sound advice for sticking to your plans, but the reality is that as time goes by we evolve. Our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states change, often as we gain new knowledge – so, we need to make room for that change. A goal that seemed important to you at a certain point in time, might not be as critical to you now, so change it to make sense to your current situation.

4.  Review Your Goals Daily or Weekly
Now, reviewing your goals daily or weekly might seem like it’s too much, but it definitely helps. Find some quiet time, like prayer or meditation time, to think about how you did the previous day/week and what you can do in the coming day/week to achieve your goals. You can literally take five quiet minutes to review and plan. If you’ve gone far off the tangent in the previous day/week, at least it wasn’t six months. More frequent reviews help you figure out what your stumbling blocks are and resolve them quickly, helping you achieve your goals.