How to use change to your advantage

It’s so amazing how fast time moves. Looking back at your life and how far you’ve come can either depress you or inspire you to do and be better.

The only time a number of us ever really sit down and reflect on how we're doing is either towards the end of the year or early days of the new year. But only a handful of us ever really take stock of our lives during the course of the year. We wait for the last minute to check if we need to a bottle to drown our sorrows or to celebrate our achievements.


Change, as we all know, isn’t a bed of roses. If anything it’s full of thorns and is as uncomfortable as sweaty armpits. But then again, transitioning into anything, most especially your best self, is absolutely uncomfortable. It is mostly because there are things about yourself, your believes and/or environment may appear to be a little questionable. But the greatest thing is that all of that means growth. And I am 100% sure that everyone in some or other way went to experience growth at one point In their lives.

I’m not a psychological or any form of specialist so I cannot tell you how to go about your transition. Except by referring  to a caterpillar during the process of it turning into a butterfly. Weather conditions and regional climates play a big role in how long it will take for it to morph. And its the same for us. It gonna take some time, a little bit of patience and trust on something or someone greater than us. It’s imperative for us to learn from our past and even more so to embrace and to move on.


Not everyone is going to come along for the journey and not everyone is going to understand and that’s okay. As long as you know that you are okay on your own.